Super Shake Green Alkaliser Super Shake Green Alkaliser

Super Shake Green Alkaliser

Green alkaliser

200g | R152

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Green Alkaliser

Packed with the alkalising power of 5 superfoods, Super Shake Green Alkaliser can be used every day as the ideal way to get more nutrition into your body.

How to use Super Shake Green Alkaliser

For a quick nutrition blast simply add 2 T (30g) of Green Alkaliser to 1 C (250ml) water and blend. For an extra creamy and super delicious smoothie add a banana with coconut blossom nectar to sweeten if desired. You can feel the power of this energising and alkalising green shake surging through your body!

Direct Sourcing

Soaring Free Superfoods is proud to offer you the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. No bulking or flow agents and fillers.

Product of Malawi, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa
Ingredients: Baobab*, Hemp Powder*, Wheatgrass**, Wild Harvested Moringa Leaf**, Spirulina*, Barleygrass**
*Certified Organic Ingredients (70%) **Pesticide Free

Health Benefits

A concentrated and potent synergistic blend of essential alkalising superfoods: African baobab, green grasses, hemp seed protein, African moringa and spirulina to rebalance the pH and detoxify the body.


reduce acidity for better health


clean your system


contains a broad spectrum of nutrition


carefully selected superfoods in one easy-to-use blend


fuel your body for optimum performance


crafted to be nutritious as well as delicious

Green Alkaliser Recipes

A convenient blend of essential alkalising superfoods for easy use in smoothies.


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